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Exporting a Primium quality of fresh Cavandish / G9 varity of Banana.

Our Banana are whole, very clean, free from dust or any visible foreign matter.

Banana which are in high demands in the Indian as well as International markets. We supply nutritious bananas that can either be eaten raw or can also be consumed with milk that makes it a complete diet. Our bananas can be eaten as a snack food in dried form and it is also be used for preparing various puddings.


Free from dust or any visible foreign matter, pests affecting the general appearance of produce, with the stalk intact without bending, fungal damage or desiccation, with pistils removed, free of damage caused by low temperature.


Helpful in cancer
Prevents Ulcers
Good for heart
Natural antacid
Kills harmful bacteria


Size: 17-22 CMS
No. of Hands: 4/8/6/7
Weight per box: 13 KG Net.
No. of Boxes: 1475 in 40Ft. Refer Container
Weight per Box: 18 Kg Net.
Cluster: 6 Pcs
No. of Boxes: 1080 in 40Ft. Container

Size & Packing

Best source of potassium
Rich in iron
Provides vitamins
Gives instant energy
Good source of minerals

Nutrient Value